Celebrating 10 Years in Business

        Scanlon Technology Advisors Celebrates 10 Years in Business


Scanlon Technology Advisors has made a major milestone; we have now been in business 10 years.  For a small computer consulting firm we now enjoy a position only known to a few others. 


Since we began in 1998 our philosophy has never changed.  We serve the small to mid size business marketplace, providing solutions to our clients.”  In all ways we strive to provide services which are a cut beyond any of our competitors.  When you contract with us you know the person you talk with is the person who will perform the work you hire us to do.


Scanlon Technology Advisors is a computer consulting firm that works with business managers who insist on excellence in their technology.


 We are now offering some new services.  They are Remote Support and Paperless Office.  Check out the pages on these new offerings and see what we can provide.

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As always we provide our Core offerings of Outsourcing, Programming, Networks and Backup Strategies.