Web Applications

We have a unique approach to our Web based services. We offer assistance in setting up your domain and electronic mail using a partner based network of Internet Service Providers. After we get the basic services running we can then create a web site for you. Our web sites can be simple marketing based sites (like the STA web site) to a more complex site using database integration. We have developed sites which clients sell product on (e-Commerce), Order Entry sites, Information Distribution to outside staff, and Customer Order Inquiry. Databases can be employed which pass information from your office to the web site. The data synchronization can happen automatically or controlled to happen at a push of a button in an application.


We have employed available solutions like PayPal to develop on-line stores and credit card payment processing which are effective and low cost.  Click here to see a sample of a simple on-line store. 


Click here to see a sample site for a customer to pay you for an invoice.


Our approach will get your site up and running in a cost effective manner.


Call us to develop a new site for you.