Networking is a key element of our business. We can provide LAN solutions including Server based, peer to peer, and Unix based network servers. Our services can range from a network upgrade to providing a complete turn-key network. We offer wiring services through a partner based service and we can manage their entire installation. We will also work with you and your carrier to assist in defining the required lines and managing their installation of the services. We can also provide gateway components, router components and services to manage your traffic between your sites and /or the Internet.


We also are multi-disciplined in that we can provide integration services to attach LAN based devices (Printers, Scanners, Network Storage, Camera's, Wireless Integration, RF device integration, and Terminal Servers) as well as Async devices attaching to Unix Systems or terminal servers. We can also debug and resolve RS232 wiring issues.


Call us to design and install or repair your network.